Saturday, June 20, 2009

Thank You!

It's been a while since I updated my blog, today is yet another rainy day, so I thought I would stop in. I have been cured of cancer for 3 weeks now. I don't like using the term "remission" as it implies that the cancer is now dormant until it wakes up. Cancer is gone, it cannot wake up, it will not come back! I'M CURED :)

The past 3 weeks have been nice. No treatment, no doctor appointments :) I haven't done much, just relaxed, which was much needed after these past 9 months. I'm doing great, my hair are growing. I decide to color them, my poor hair have been through so much, but I found I color that is very close to my natural color. My hair actually look like a fashionable super short cut now. I still can't wait for them to be longer, the next few months will be challenging to let them grow and make them look nice. The boys are doing great, phew, the past 9 months have been pretty rough for them. They're only 5 & 6 (4 & 5 when it all started), it was a lot for them to digest. We're all happy and have quickly put this behind us. Maybe that's why I haven't been here to update, I haven't found the need to blog much lately. We're not doing too much cancer talk either.

Most people that finish cancer treatment are scared. When you're in treatment, you're closely followed by a doctor. When treatment is over, you're on your own. I'm surprised to find myself without fear and at peace with it all. I'm sure that when I go for my next mammogram in the fall there will be bits of anxiety, but I'm feeling very confident that this is all over and that I have no need to worry. It's nice.

There's no way I could have gone through this journey without the help and support of a lot of people. Many thanks are in order.

  • Thank you to my wonderful husband who has been so supportive of me throughout this entire journey. Thank you for loving me no matter what I looked like, with or without hair and a few more scars! Thank you for letting me cry when I needed to. Thank you for helping me take care of the house when I couldn't. Thank you for being a wonderful dad to our children when they needed some stability.
  • Thank you to my children, Jerome & Felix, who throughout their grief, managed to keep loving me, caring for me, cuddling with me. Your love, hugs & kisses is what help me get throughout this and what gave me the strength to beat it. I love you both very dearly.

  • Thank you to both of my moms. One that helped out through chemo and one that helped out through radiation. I couldn't have done it without either one of you.

  • Thank you to my dad who spent of good bit of the winter without my mom, letting her travel every 3 weeks to be here with us.
  • Thank you to my sister. My earring provider to make sure I looked good during this journey. I received many compliments about my earrings over the past few months and every time, it made me think about you.

  • Thank you to my dear friend Chantale who listened to me when I had enough and never told me to shut up ;) Thank you for checking on me, caring about me and loving me. I love you too xxx

  • Thank you to all my friend and family who were there for us. Even though we didn't need much help after all, I appreciated all the offer we received.

  • Thank you to our Church for bringing us meals 3 times a week for 6 months. It was very helpful not having to cook most of our meals. Thank you for everyone prayers, I'm sure it had something to do with the fact that this journey was somewhat easy compared to what it could have been.

  • Thank you to Cathy & Suzanne, my Chemo Angels, that cheered me every week by sending me cards and goodies. You were both wonderful.

  • Thank you to the December Divas at and all the other wonderful ladies that help me and provided support through every step of the journey.

  • Thank you to my fellow bloggers who provided me with extra support and camaraderie. Never did I thought that by starting a blog to keep my friends & family updated, would I meet so many other wonderful cancer fighter to help support one another.

  • Thank you to my wonderful doctors. Dr. Dickson-Whitmer, Dr. Wozniak & Dr. Koprowski, all 3 of them have been wonderful and I truly believe that I have received the best treatment.

  • Thank you to all the assistants, technicians and nurses that helped make this journey an easier one. I haven't been in contact with one that wasn't nice or that I didn't like which is quite amazing in itself, they were all great.

  • Thank you to everyone else I might have forgotten :)

I'm not sure that I will be back. I will miss blogging, this was a first for me, it was fun. I might try to find something else to blog about, but I'm ready to turn the page, so I guess this is it.