Sunday, May 30, 2010

Life After Cancer - A Year Later!

Yesterday was my one year anniversary of being cancer-free. The night I found my tumor, never did I imagine I would live long enough to see that day. What a great and wonderful day it was!

It called for celebration. We started the day at the strawberry and rhubarb patch, and finished it with a nice diner sitting outside with the children. It never felt so good to be healthy and alive.

What a difference can a year make! I meant to seldomly update my blog, whenever I had follow-up and such but never got around to it. I needed a break from cancer and unconsciously avoided it.
All in all, it was a great year. We spent the summer camping in our new VW Vanagon with the children. Both children started school this year, they did and are still doing great and are loving it. We bought a new house in the fall and have just planted our garden for the summer, which we have missed over the past 2 years for lack of outdoor space. I will be travelling soon to Prince-Edward Island with my husband for a week to celebrate our 10 year wedding anniversary. My hair have consistently been growing to a full 7 inches long, after patiently waiting for 13 1/2 months, I finally had my first hair cut a few days ago. I'm back to my pre-chemo weight after loosing a whole 23lbs. My energy is back and I'm my old self again. I'm getting ready to enjoy another summer of camping and summer fun with the children. And most importantly, I am still completely cancer-free. Life is good!


Suzy Q said...

OH Caroline....I'm soooo soooo very happy for you and your boys and your husband!!! For your family having a whole new chance! I hope your Summer is wonderful and though I'm very sad that you were ever sick...I'm so glad to have met you and to have become a good friend. You are a good friend too and I care so much for you!! Enjoy life and thank God for so much! I'm so glad for you,suzanne xo

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