Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Disturbed Taste Buds

My taste buds are acting up! The Saturday after chemo, they're always acting up. Well, this time around, for a change, they went crazy on Friday and worse than they've ever been. I can't eat meat, any meat! It just taste horrible, so yesterday, I had Lipton soup for lunch and Kraft Dinner for dinner. That was my gourmet day ;) It's slowly getting better so I should be able to being back to eating normal in a couple of days.

Other my my taste buds, this week seems to be going well.

We're now half through the school year with Jerome. The books I've been using is divided in 10 sessions. Jerome took the test for the 5th session this morning. He's doing great and we're so proud of him. He will be 6 in April and he can already read in English & in French! I'm impressed, he's getting better everyday. Felix is patiently waiting for his turn to start school, we'll start working on his reading soon.

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