Monday, February 9, 2009

Half Way Through Chemo :)

Today was my 4th round. I'm officially half way through my chemo. Let's see what kind of fun side effects I get this time around ;) The chemo room wasn't too full today, it was nice not too see so many faces, although, more younger folks which was a little sad.
I went to my "before chemo check-up" last Tuesday, a little too early. My oncologist said that my White Blood Count (WBC) was too low for chemo, but since I had 6 more days to go, to just re-do the lab work before chemo and it should be fine, but he was considering giving me the Neulasta shot that helps boost your WBC to prevent infections when you hit your lowest point. So far, I had done without, it has bad side effects and I don't want to put more chemicals into my body that what is necessary. I re-did the lab works today and my counts are back to normal, he did visit me to my lovely chemo chair to ask if I wanted to take the shot, my WBC had dropped to 600 (normal is 4,300 to 10,800 - mine is usually +/- 9000). I chose against it given my counts are back to normal and he was OK with my decision. Hadn't I gone that early for my check-up, we wouldn't have known it had dropped so low, it probably does every round. I'm glad to know that little piece of information, White Blood Cells are what helps you fight an infection, which means when I'm going through my nadir where they're at their lowest (day 5-14) I really do need to be careful about being around sick people, it is Flu Season after all!

Now, something is up with my back! I started getting this back pain on my shoulder blade the day after my last chemo, so it's been 3 weeks. I tried a muscle relaxer and it didn't help at all. I've pulled muscles before, I've had several knots in my back before, doesn't feel like that. I had an X-Ray of my shoulder blade last week and it came back clear. He had me panicked for a bit, I found out he was looking for metastasis (cancer spreading) to my bones! Of course, I understand they need to put specific codes for insurance purposes and his suspicions are low, but better safe than sorry. I still need to have a bone scan tomorrow to be on the safe side but we're expecting it to come back clear as well. Although, the pain is still there and I'm not sure what else to do? Could be a torn muscle, tendon? Could be lymphedema? I guess we'll wait for the result of the bone scan for now.

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