Monday, March 23, 2009

Done With Chemo :)

Today is a great day, I'm officially done with chemo :) Now if I could only feel it! For some reasons, I've been coming out of the past few chemos feeling drugged up, so being a little blah right now, it's difficult to get excited over this. I still have to deal with the side effects for the next week, but at least NO MORE needles. I have an extreme fear of needles, for some reasons, my body seems to like having issues that requires LOTS of them, so I'm quite glad this is over. And my taste buds... I've given up on them. They're not so bad (I shouldn't talk so quickly, I did just have a treatment!) but some buds are still completely missing in action.

The next few weeks will be busy. Next Monday, I meet with my radiation oncologist to discuss radiation treatment and I need a CT Scan to check where my organs are (heart, liver & such) to make sure that they do not get hit by the radiation. I also will be getting tattoos, who would have thought that one day I would be bald with tattoos! They will be tiny tattoos that should (if they do them right) look like beauty marks, again, for them to know where to aim the radiation every time I go in.

Then, April 13th, I'm finally getting my port-a-cath out. I can't wait to get it out! Besides being an eye sore when I wear half the clothing I own, it does hurt when it accidentally gets banged by a sweet child that is only trying to hug his mommy. Although, I'm quite panicked over the removal part of the process, no anesthesia! I will be wide awake with a little bit of numbing agent. I'm really hoping for a strong sedative, or at least the permission to take a Xanax before the procedure. I just don't do well being awake doing any procedure.

Then... after my port-a-cath removal on the 13th, I should be heading out to my first radiation treatment. We should have the exact date I start radiation next week, but I was told 3 weeks after last chemo.

I was planning on taking a picture during my first chemo, but I was way to panicked and angry to even want to do it at the time. We did take a picture of my last one though, so here's what I looked like for 3 hours every 3 weeks! Glad it's done :)


Anonymous said...

I'm glad things are going well and the chemo is finally over! YAY. I hope the removal does not hurt much and they do it quickly! :) Love ready your updates! Miss you.


The Cebulas said...

Thanks Marge. Miss ya too...