Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Growing Hair - Week 2

It's looking a lot like my first picture on April Fool's, look who got fooled ;) The only difference would be the thinner eyebrows and the nearly gone eye lashes.

Today was my second radiation treatment. So far, so good. The radiation technicians are both very sweet ladies, it will this stretch much easier.


deborah d. lattimore said...

you look terrific!!!!

Cora from Hidden Riches said...

You look beautiful!!!!! So glad I found your blog today, as I'm on the same journey as you! My hair is just starting to come back, too! I remember the same sensation you spoke of --- I said, "my hair hurts!" My head was very sensitive at first! I'll be back, keeping up with how you are doing!

Alli said...

If I can look even a 1/4 of what you do and being bald I will be happy. Who needs a wig you are gorgeous!!

The Cebulas said...

Thank you ladies, you're all so wonderful :)