Thursday, April 9, 2009

Growing Hair - Week 1

I took a picture of my week old hair yesterday, I just didn't get around to update the blog. It's definitely growing and getting thicker. I can't still see a lot of white hair because I'm looking for them, but most people wouldn't see them. I might be able to get a cute haircut this summer. Of course, it will be a short short haircut, but better that than nothing! It's actually growing rather fast.

Well, now that I think about it, my eyebrows are both growing & thinning at the same time. What already fell off is growing back, but what didn't fall yet is slowly falling. My eyelashes are going through the same process. Hopefully, it will keep with the growing & thinning schedule at the same time.

Otherwise, it has been a uneventful week. Chemo side effects are almost done/gone. Although my head is somewhat sensitive to touch and my back still hurts when I stand up too long doing housework, isn't that a shame ;)

I'm really looking forward to getting my port out on Monday morning.

That's about it!


Holly said...

i think that you and your little itty bitty hair (white and all!) look absolutely gorgeous!!

The Cebulas said...

Well, thanks Holly. You just made my day :)