Thursday, April 23, 2009

Growing Hair - Week 3

My hair are growing, they're all white (mostly), but at least they're growing and done falling :) My eyelashes are near gone!

This has been a pretty boring week. Chances are the next 5 weeks will be pretty boring as well. Here's the sum up of my weekdays:

8:30AM Breakfast

9 AM Home school with Jerome

10:30AM Hop in the shower, get dressed and pretty-up my face (AKA make-up ;)

11 AM Fix lunch for the kids (alternate between PB & cheese sandwich) & rush out the door

11:15 AM Drop them off with Daddy for lunch

11:30 AM Radiations

11:45 AM Pick the kids up from lunch with Daddy (they think it's great by the way)
12 PM Back home and waiting for my energy to be drained by the minute :(

6 PM Dinner & rest for the rest of the evening.

Did y'all notice how nothing happens between noon & 6PM? That's the radiations working it's wonders of taking every little bit of energy I have! I'm still capable of doing stuff, but have no desire to do so since I can't move fast enough! Just making a grilled cheese for lunch takes about 15 minutes.

I'm seriously finding radiations to be harder to deal with than chemo. With chemo, I would get a relief between each treatment. With radiations, the only relief I get is on weekends. It's pretty draining and I'm not even supposed to be feeling it yet!


Daria said...

Yes radiation can be more tiring than chemo ... hoping you are getting close to being done.

All the best,

The Cebulas said...

Still have quite a way to go, only 8 out of 33 done! 5 more weeks...

deborah d. lattimore said...

oh my god. i can't imagine being more fatigued than i was when i was borderline anemic during chemo. there's just no way i could be more tired and unable to do anything than that time. please tell me that the cumulative effects of 8 radiation sessions aren't as bad as chemo-induced anemia. now i understand why my doc told me i should NOT go to paris for a month after radiation, that i'd never be able to walk hours every day and do my photography. i don't have kids at home, i work at home, and won't have to go anywhere, so i'm hoping radiation won't incapacitate me completely. but maybe i'm being completely naive?

S. F. Heron said...

It made me tired, so tired. Like day-two-after-chemo tired. My doc pooh-poohed the fatigue thing and told me its mental but he was just being a jerk. I slept sitting up quite frequently :) In fact, every day and every evening during primetime.

The fatigue seems to go away quickly once your counts come back up. I'm exactly 2 weeks out and I've had more energy this week than last. I still relish those naps though.

Baby yourself - it's just temporary and the rest helps heal your body from chemo as well.


The Cebulas said...

Deb - I actually feel much better today. Usually my engery is back by the next morning. Now I'm only in week 2, so we'll see... Wish I could hide myself in your suitcase, enjoy yourself in Paris whenever you get there.

Thanks Sharon. I have great oncologists that are well aware of all side effects, even the odd ones I come up with!

Holly said...

I'm sorry you are having such a hard time with radiation...the effects are gentle with yourself and if you, rest,rest. Big hugs to you dear....

The Cebulas said...

Thanks Holly. The rest of the week was pretty easy and not so tired. Phew!

Cora from Hidden Riches said...

I finished my radiation treatments on April 15th, and I must say, I am more tired than I have ever been in my entire life!!!!! Can't seem to get my life back here. I burned to a crisp, but it is getting better! I'm so glad this is all over! Love your hair!!!! my whitish gray ones came in first, then black ones. Can't believe I used to be blond. Now I'm black and white!

Hope the treatments are going ok so far!


Renee said...

When I had my recent follow-up with the Oncologist - after chemo and radiation - she said that Rad Oncs usually down play the fatigue.

Everyone is different on their fatigue from both. I felt good after radiation ended, but then fatigued out two months later. Weird!

Glad you can see the hair coming back! You still look gorgeous without the hair, tho.


Lighthouse Prayer Line said...
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