Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Lovely Side Effects :)

Here's my new favorite head cover. Felix does NOT like it. Oh well!

This 2nd treatment (TX) had been much easier than the first round. Although my taste didn't fully come back yet, what's back didn't leave again. I have been able to taste my food and I can finally taste chocolate again :) Still no nausea. No joint pain this time around. I did get the fatigue last week, I was exhausted for a couple of days. So tired that talking on the phone was asking a lot out of me! I even had a 12-hour night of sleep! But by Saturday, I was about back to normal.

Now, I'm saying HAD been much easier, because I've developed this rash on my head. Until today, I thought it was folliculitis, an infection of your hair follicules. I've tried just about all the little OTC creams out there, hydro cortisone, benadryl, neosporin. It's not working and now the rash is spreading elsewhere but it looks different, so I'm thinking I might be dealing with 2 different types of rashes. I didn't get any sleep last night, Steve said the bed was shaking all night from me scratching. Looks like I was scratching & sleeping at the same time. It itches so bad, it's horrible. I made an appointment in the morning so that they can take a good look at it and prescribe the right medication. I'm currently in my nadir (the period where my body is at it's weakest) so it might have something to do with a low blood count. Will see.

Other than that, I passed my citizenship test on Monday. I was quite amazed at the fact that they only asked me 4 questions, asked to read 1 sentence and asked to write 1 sentence! I was expecting it to be a little more challenging. My application has been approved and I have to go back next Friday, the 16th, to be sworn in and receive my certificate of citizenship. Then no more dealing with immigration!

The boys were quite happy to resume schooling today. They missed doing school work during their Christmas vacations.

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