Monday, January 12, 2009

Though Weekend

My rash did clear. Phew! And I'll skip the rest of the weekend as it just went downhill and y'all really don't want the details ;) With that said, it is Monday and it is a new week. I'm feeling much better and looking forward to a week with no side effects. Not much to say but I wanted to update you on my rash situation.

I picked up my wig when I went in the office last week. I finally got around to take a picture. I like it, but I still don't know how I feel about it. It's not that comfortable, it's hot, tight and itchy! And that's a nice wig, the cheaper ones are worse! I'll have to try her out and see. But they're tricky, can't really wear it around the house, well, not in the kitchen. I have to be careful with heat, so no cooking, steam, microwaves or dishwasher near it or it will melt. Hummm... there's an idea, if I wear the wig, I can't cook or clean ;) But seriously, around the house I mostly go bald unless my head gets cold. Take this as a warning if you stop by without calling first, you might just be surprised!


Lisa said...

Hey Caroline, Well, I for one think you look beautiful in your scarfs! So, if the wig makes you itch more, why bother? But, you look good in the wig. It looks slightly red, is it? I always thought it would be fun to have red hair. Well, at least you can be adventuresome that way :)

Hope this week is better for you and you enjoy your week with "Mom."


The Cebulas said...

My thinking. Thanks Lisa :)