Monday, December 8, 2008

1 down, 5 to go!

Today was a very stressful day. I did not enjoy getting in that chair when we first got there, I just start panicking and got very quiet. Poor Steve who came in with me was getting worried. But the treatment started and I guess it went well. Taxotere will give you a very horrible taste in your mouth while it's slowly dripping into your body, and Cytoxan will give you an itchy, sneezy nose. Both effects that typically affects younger patients, aren't I a lucky one! I started feeling pretty bad toward the end as she got the flow faster, but got done with it and I survived.

When we got out, we went down to the wig bank. I HAVE A WIG!!! I'm still not quite sure how I feel about it, I think I'll probably stick with the scarves & hats, but just in case, I have it, and it was free :) We were told by the nurse that with my treatment (TC) I have about a 70% chance to loose my hair, still high but better than other treatment.

So far so good. I took my nausea pill, as I was told, when I got home and still no signs of nausea. Although my body is feeling a little funky, can't pin point it, just here & there, comes & goes. This will be fun! Right now, I just feel very upset over this entire situation & angry that I have all these nasty damaging chemicals running around having a big party inside my body. Yeah sure, it's killing the bad cells, but also the good ones, not happy about that!

I was very thankful for my dinner tonight. It was great not having to cook. Well, I could have but in my not feeling so good blah mood I'm in, chances are it would have been Kraft Dinner. While the boys would enjoy eating every night for the next 6 months, well, it just wouldn't be so healthy. So having people bringing us dinner is definitely a much healthier option than me cooking dinner right now, and that makes me happy :)


Jim, Chrissy + Madolin said...

I'm so ashamed not to have known what you are going through. I can't beleive we are so out of touch down here. Your attitude and spirit are admirable. I will be looking for the next installment.

The Cebulas said...

Thanks guys, sorry you had to find out that way. Today was roough but better than yesterday. Doing ok!