Thursday, December 11, 2008

Day 4

Today was much better. Well... I didn't get any sleep last night, I found out the hard way that chemo and pre-menopausal woman aren't a good mix for a few days out of the month ;) I think most of my pains & aches were due to that fact yesterday, therefore I do have high hopes for my next cycle that my body won't be aching so much. Here's why; chemo usually puts pre-menopausal women into "chemopause", a menopause induced by chemo. That would be FANTASTIC! Then I would only be dealing with chemo. I'm sure y'all were so happy to find out about that part of my day!

My taste is still off, but I'm slowly discovering foods that I can enjoy a little, like banana milk shakes :) Oddly, I couldn't taste the cinnamon I sprinkled on it, but it made it taste better. It does have some bonuses, I've never been a big fan of cooked vegetables, but since I can't taste them, they don't bother me, so I actually get to eat healthier.

Still tired, but I'm getting more energy at times. But I'm scared to take naps since I'm having trouble sleeping at night.

I had to write a newest update, my last one was pretty depressing, but the past 3 days have been rough. Tomorrow should be better.

Last, I do fear for my poor hair, I think they'll be going :( I've been in denial that I was going to lose my hair since the oncology nurse told us that I had about 30% chances of keeping my hair. I have avoided cutting them shorter, but it will happen soon. My head started itching & burning this morning, the hair wants to go....

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