Sunday, December 28, 2008

Day 21

My body has officially recovered from my first chemo treatment, which would be why I'll be knocking it down again tomorrow for round #2!

This past week has been great. I finally got back my energy and was able to enjoy Christmas with my family. I even managed to enjoy my Christmas dinner :) My taste buds were sloooowly coming back, sadly they'll be leaving again tomorrow.

The American Cancer Society has a program called Look Good Feel Better. I went last week-end and learn how to apply make-up properly. I've never been a make-up girl but now that my hair are gone, it's nice to know how to do it right. I came home with a nice bag of goodies, plenty of make-up and facial product from major companies, plenty to keep me looking good until my hair grow back.

I'm getting used to being bald, I'm really bald right now, stubbles are mostly gone. Wearing scarves is still sensitive on my head, I can only handle them for so long, I mostly go bald around the house. Steve & the boys are used to it now.

I have managed to stay healthy through my first cycle, which I found pretty amazing. Jerome dealt with a nasty cold followed with a quick stomach bug that he passed on to Felix a few days later! We got sanitary masks that they have been wearing when they're sick and I've been staying away from them which is very difficult as I like to cuddle with them when they don't feel good.

All in all, this was a good week for me. Getting ready for round #2.

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