Sunday, December 21, 2008

Going, going... GONE!

As I said, the hair started falling on Friday. I still had hope that maybe, just maybe, my hair were only thinning. When I got in the shower, I figured out that they were NOT only thinning, they were just falling by the handful, had I stayed in there longer, I probably would have been able to pull them all. My scalp was also becoming extremely sensitive, it was time for them to go :(

I decided to get the boys involved in the process. I thought it might make it easier for them to see me bald if they were the ones making me bald! Also, for my own sake, I thought maybe it would be less stressful for me if I was making it into a fun event. It worked, although I wasn't expecting the boys to be so willing to cut their Mommy's hair and having so much fun at the same time. We got the scissors & clippers out and of course the camera, I'm sure they won't remember it as they get older. I did have fear that it would scare them but took my chances. When we all got done and became bald, Felix's first words were "Mommy, I don't think you that pretty with no hair!" Well, I don't think I look all that bad, but it is COLD being bald in the Winter.

I am so glad it's done. The closer I got to be loosing my hair, the more I was panicking over it. I was quite panicked sitting in that chair and became very scared to look at myself when we got done. But I did and was quite amazed at the power we give to our own hair. I feel so much better and happier now, all I have to do is concentrate on finishing the chemo and radiations.

This past week has been a lot easier, but I sure wish my taste buds would come back. I was expecting them to be back on Monday, well, it's Sunday and nothing. This has to be the worse side effect of the chemo. I love Christmas time for all the good food that we eat and only eat THIS time of year. I haven't had any yet and it's quite depressing. I have lost complete interest in eating. The only food I can taste right now are bananas and coconut. Meat isn't very appealing, I'm trying my best to eat it, I do need the protein and it is better than those protein drinks! All I want for Christmas is a tasty Christmas dinner.

Well, here's pictures of my hair buzzing event!

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Anonymous said...

Your are inspirational. I am so proud of what a great mother you are.