Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Tough Day!

Side effects decided to kick in today! First, my taste is off. A lot of woman have been complaining about this and I was hoping it would happen to me as we like to eat, but I started my breakfast this morning finding out that my peanut butter just didn't taste quite right. Than onto the soup at lunch, still not right. I went out to run a few errands this afternoon, and forgot my water home. My mouth has been extremely dry making easier to drink all the water I'm supposed to. Well, this time of year, there isn't too many readily available juicy fruits out there, my best bet was the big bag of very appetising bright red apple. Yeah, didn't taste right either. Moved on with dinner, same here, tried this dish that the boys told me was very good & sweet. If it wasn't for them, I wouldn't have know it was sweet at all! All my hopes were in that brownie, that had to be good, right? It wasn't bad, nor was it good, but the texture was perfect. The weirdest thing though was the fact that I couldn't taste how good it was but yet my body knew it as it wanted another piece!

That aside, my little trip to Walmart wore me out. By the end, I was walking so slow and was getting so sluggish. Started having sharp pain in my back, but it went away. Then a few hours ago, I started having joint pains in my knees. It hurts pretty bad, so I've been trying to stay on my behind :)

That was my lovely day. I'm trying to stay positive and realize that I'm still alive and no doctors even got close to giving me a death sentence, so it could be a lot worse. And still no signs of nausea, I am so thankful to not be visiting my bathroom as I know a lot of people on chemo spend a lot of time there.

I guess I'm still upset over the fact that I might not have needed chemo. Like the oncologist told me before I even started, there's chance that I don't need it and that all the cancer is out of my body. I wish they had such test to find out if there is the tiniest cancer cell in your body, I hate putting my body through this wondering if it's even necessary, but for my husband's sake and my children, I'm not ready to go now, so I'll get through it and kill it all if there's any left :)

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